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Deadline for VAT Increase !

(January 17, 2013)

The deadline for the purchase of a Static Caravan Holiday Home without the dreaded increase in VAT is looming and almost upon us.

VAT of 5% will be added to all Holiday Homes not sold and occupied by the 6th of April.

Although this is better than the 20% increase that was threatened this time last year, it is still a significant increase in the price of any Holiday Home.

Anybody thinking of upgrading their Holiday Home or purchasing one for the first time should keep this in the forefront of their mind and start looking today.

Remember it is important that not only do we have to prove that we have sold the Holiday Home and recieved payment but also that it is occupied before the 6th of April this will mean that anything sold will have to be sited connected and certified with the correct certificates before this date.


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