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Wales Lady's Bowls Team !

(June 30, 2014)

We are pleased to announce that the Wales Lady's Bowls team have been invited to play on our bowling green.

Many of the Wales Team live locally and whilst they can practice on a regular basis on grass they do not have the facility to practice on an artificial surface. Therefore we have invited them to use our facility as and when they require.

Whilst most of their matches are played on grass more and more of their european matches are now on artificial srfaces so to be able to practice on an artificial surface will be a massive help for them.

The team have recently used the green to get ready for an international match held on an artificial surface in Jersey with 2 local members of the team heading to the forthcoming commonwealth games.

The team have also offered to bring a group to play a freindly match against members of the site bowling members. A date for this will be organised and I will update this post as and when we have any further information.

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