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New wi-fi System

(March 13, 2016)

We have a new and flexible system for the Wi-fi network.
The system has been serviced and renewed and should be a little faster. The new system also allows you t pay for your wi-fi and receive an access code in your caravan without having to come to the office.
The time length options should allow you to pay for any time period you want to cover all or parts of the season.

2016 Wi-fi Charges

1 day - £ 3.50
7 days - £ 7.50
30 days - £ 15.00
60 days - £ 20.00
90 days - £ 30.00
180 days - £ 60.00

Additional 180 days access codes have to be issued personally by Roger and cost £10 each.

Search for a wireless network.
Click Neuadd Bridge Wi-Fi
This will take you to a welcome page with an option to pay by Paypal.
This will allow you to pay for your Wi-fi in your caravan and choose the length of time you want to use the Wi-Fi for.
The Paypal site will allow you to pay for your Wi-Fi by Paypal or by credit / debit card.
On payment the website will then issue you an access code for the time period you have purchased.
We trust that this is an easier and more accessible option that will give you a wider variety of time lengths that should mean you are only paying for Wi-Fi for the periods that you use your caravan. This should also save you having to come to the office to get an access code.

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